Out of Africa: An Executive Recruiter Launches “American Rhino” Clothing

Chris Welles was a 46-year-old executive recruiter in Boston, Massachusetts. He was happy in his job and he had no plans for a change. But in 2008 he took a summer vacation with his wife, four kids and two other families to Kenya. And the trip completely changed his life.

Today he manages “American Rhino,” a growing clothing brand with a retail and online presence. The company sells shirts, pants, sneakers, canvas bags and now face masks. All of the manufacturing takes place in Africa. And 10% of our every purchase goes directly to supporting wildlife and land conservation in Kenya.

Chris Welles with the Massai Mara Rhino Rangers on a landing strip in Kenya. American Rhino provides critical support — uniforms, boots, radios, binoculars, and patrol vehicles — to this anti-poaching unit.

The products that American Rhino produces are truly outstanding. Kikoy is a wonderful breathable fabric that has the feel and look of linen. Please visit www.AmericanRhino.com and check the shirts, shorts, canvas bags, sneakers and more. And remember 10% of every purchase goes back to Kenya to support wildlife conservation.

Chris in American Rhino’s flagship store in Fanuel Hall (Boston, Massachusetts).

4 thoughts on “Out of Africa: An Executive Recruiter Launches “American Rhino” Clothing

  1. Dan Beckman Reply

    Really nice coverage of a great story. I was lucky enough to travel to Kenya in 2018 and it was terrific to see the rangers (and others) proudly wearing their uniforms and other gear with the American Rhino logo. American tourists don’t always enjoy the best reputations around the globe, but how great to see the stars & stripes getting some love and to know that this all started with a tourist who took a real interest and decided to make a difference. Happy to be an American Rhino fan and supporter!

  2. Ryan Mulhern Reply

    Chris Welles is a legend and brilliant business mind! Lucky to know this great man who is making a difference in the world. Love American Rhino!

  3. laura lyons Reply

    well done andy and chris. truly an impressive and important second act. also the mission is a great one. thanks.

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