Out of Africa: An Executive Recruiter Launches “American Rhino” Clothing

Chris Welles was a 46-year-old executive recruiter in Boston, Massachusetts. He was happy in his job and he had no plans for a change. But in 2008 he took a summer vacation with his wife, four kids and two other families to Kenya. And the trip completely changed his life.

Today he manages “American Rhino,” a growing clothing brand with a retail and online presence. The company sells shirts, pants, sneakers, canvas bags and now face masks. All of the manufacturing takes place in Africa. And 10% of our every purchase goes directly to supporting wildlife and land conservation in Kenya.

Chris Welles with the Massai Mara Rhino Rangers on a landing strip in Kenya. American Rhino provides critical support — uniforms, boots, radios, binoculars, and patrol vehicles — to this anti-poaching unit.

The products that American Rhino produces are truly outstanding. Kikoy is a wonderful breathable fabric that has the feel and look of linen. Please visit www.AmericanRhino.com and check the shirts, shorts, canvas bags, sneakers and more. And remember 10% of every purchase goes back to Kenya to support wildlife conservation.

Chris in American Rhino’s flagship store in Fanuel Hall (Boston, Massachusetts).