Exit Stage Right: An Actress Shifts To Fashion

Nita Novy grew up in the small town of Courtdale, Pennsylvania (population 400). But via a series of unusual events, she made her way to the Broadway stage at the age of eight acting alongside Ethel Merman in Gypsy. She was later cast in “The Sound of Music,” appearing in the production’s first national tour and also on Broadway.

After getting a degree from Duke University, she returned to New York City and enjoyed a successful career as an adult actress. But as she and her husband Richard started a family, the theatre started to lose it’s cachet and she sought a  new creative outlet.

Her new path began when she made her three-year-old daughter a small, furry hat. When she came home from school that day and opened her lunch box “there were five orders inside.” That ultimately led to her to a new career in fashion design and the launch of Nita Ideas with thriving retail stores in Milburn and Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Click here to check out more of her amazing designs.

4 thoughts on “Exit Stage Right: An Actress Shifts To Fashion

  1. Marybeth Spanarkel Reply

    Lovely article…..congrats on your accomplishments!! So talented!! I hear your designs are fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving from another Dukie!! (I met you during the summer with my sister Sharon…. Come visit in NC!)

    Best wishes, Marybeth

  2. Karl Reply

    It is not a surprise that Nita has been a success at everything she has put her hand (and mind) to
    Her enthusiasm is infectious and her.
    Determination is formidable
    Her creativity bubbles with unique and charming visions
    She is a larger than life character I have known and loved through all her transitions. Lucky grandchildren who are the recipients of her current focus . Keep on keeping on Nita!

  3. Roby Langert Reply

    Nita… So excited to hear about your newest “Idea”. Can’t wait to see you. Happy holidays. Much Success. 😍

  4. Renee Michelle Reply

    What a great interview. Good for you, Nita! Trusting the nudges of discontent, no matter how outwardly successful, takes such courage. Your resilience is inspiring – so glad you are staying true to the joy of your creative process. <3

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