A Magazine Writer Finds New Life As A Funeral Director

For more than 30 years, Amy worked as a writer, both on staff and on a freelance basis, for a wide range of top magazines. But when her father passed away in 2009, his funeral had a profound impact on her. And in relatively short order, Amy enrolled in mortuary school to become a licensed funeral director.

Ten years later, Amy owns and manages Fitting Tribute Funeral Services in Brooklyn, New York. Profiled in The New York Times and range of trade publications, she has built a name for herself as an advocate of green and sustainable practices within the funeral industry. And her work as a writer continues via her blog “The Inspired Funeral.”

Amy Cunningham and cemeterian Jennifer Johnson prepare a shrouded deceased gentleman for burial at the Greensprings Natural Burial Preserve in upstate New York.

Special thanks to Bruce Feiler, author of “Life Is in The Transitions,” for suggesting this episode.



4 thoughts on “A Magazine Writer Finds New Life As A Funeral Director

  1. Larry J Steward Reply

    I’m with you Andy – I didn’t know what to expect in listening to this story but I found it uplifting and inspiring to learn how Amy brought such positive change to one of life’s most important and often dreaded events. She is changing the experience of sadness at a funeral into one of a positive “fitting tribute” as she so appropriately calls her company.

    It is also a beautiful story of a life-changing transition to do something new and uplifting by working closely with families to make this event as positive as possible. She is truly making the world a better place.

    • Andy Levine Post authorReply

      Thanks for your intelligent comments, Larry. Glad you enjoyed the story!!!

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