Told “Boys Don’t Knit” At 7, Russell Opens A Yarn Shop At 51

Russell Brent learned how to knit from his mother at seven. But he put away his knitting needles at a young age after hearing the phrase “boys don’t knit.”

In his mid thirties, Russell started knitting again — making baby gifts for friends. And he found he really enjoyed it — “it was easy…it was meditative.” His hobby grew into a new vocation and today he is the owner and proprietor of Balzac and Company, a yarn shop in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

“How can you not be happy working in a yarn shop? You get to touch cashmere, and alpaca, silk, and merino. All day long you are surrounded by the most beautiful colors on the planet.”
Russell Brent

3 thoughts on “Told “Boys Don’t Knit” At 7, Russell Opens A Yarn Shop At 51

  1. Jackie Q Reply

    Well done!! I enjoyed this inspiring story. “Follow your heart” is clearly great advice. From my first venture into Balzac and Company, I felt a welcoming feeling. The staff always made time for you and was very helpful. Russell is always accommodating and makes each guest a focus. Hearing the back story was inspiring. It is a testimony to his fortitude of making a dream come true.
    And yes, “Boys do knit!!! ” . Russell has proven that!

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