Striking The Right Note: Cindy Returns To Music

Cindy St. Clair made an unusual transition from the legal profession – working as a paralegal and then a legal administrator — to the world of academia.

As you’ll hear, she went back to school to get a bachelors, masters and doctorate in music in her 40s. And at the age of 50 she returned to teach as an adjunct professor of piano at her alma mater, Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. In January 2021, she was named the Interim Chair of the Division of Music, supervising a group of 18 full-time professors and 100 students.


2 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Cindy Returns To Music

  1. Cynthia D Jones Reply

    Very inspiring for me; so many similarities! First, my name is Cynthia (family and friends of course call me Cindy), and I was a gifted violinist in my youth; unfortunately I was a bit more rebellious than talented so I didn’t pursue music, which I lived to regret. Although I never obtained the MLIS, I have spent my working life in the library profession, currently as the director of a county law library. At 65, I am figuring out a way to retire from the “9-5,” to pursue my “passion work,” which includes, among other things, returning to music, so thanks for sharing this inspiring story!

    • Andy Levine Post authorReply

      Cindy: Appreciate your kind words on this story. Hope you find a similar level of fulfillment from a return to your musical roots. Andy Levine

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