Prescription for Change: From Pharmacist To Flight Attendant

Venetia Clark loved her job as a Walgreens’ pharmacist for 30 years.

But as she approached 55 years of age, she had the opportunity to take advantage of an early retirement program with some significant financial benefits. And she also spent quality time with her 91-year-old father who was in the final year of his life. It caused her to conclude it was time for a change. A love of travel and the encouragement of two flight attendant friends led her to a new job opportunity.

She has been flying for the past five years and loving the new job with United Airlines.

16 thoughts on “Prescription for Change: From Pharmacist To Flight Attendant

  1. S.B.Kelly Reply

    Her story was very good and anyone thinking about transitioning to a new joy will really enjoy listening to her. 😗😗

  2. John Grant Reply

    Great podcast! Venetia has a really good story serving folks in two different career capacities. Her zeal for living her best life is awesome! Kudos and congratulations!

  3. Cynthia Reply

    Enjoyed Venetia Clark’s prescription for change story immensely! She is a great inspiration for so many people.
    Cynthia A.

  4. Lydia Thompson Reply

    We met Venetia and her husband approximately 15 years ago. She is out going and always has a beautiful smile. Although every one was very busy we made time to have fun . She is hard working. That’s what keeps her so young .So glad to call her my friend. GO VENETIA!!!

    • Cynthia Reply

      This is a very electrifying podcast. It demonstrated the rewards of one living her best life without restraints. Venetia’s insight and wisdom to recognize that life is a journey as she flowed with her intuition is priceless. Venetia, you are courageous and amazing! Love you much! Your Girlfriend….Cynthia Grant

  5. Karen Thomas Reply

    I found the podcast to be very inspirational and I enjoyed it very much!

  6. EJ “Edge”Bassette Reply

    This is an inspiring podcast: Venetia’s story needs to be heard by anyone who is stuck or not motivated. She has inspired me to live my best life!!

    EJ “Edge” Bassette

  7. Crystal Stevenson Reply

    What a wonderful way to share your ‘lived’ story that serves to inspire others! This has connected with my personal feelings that my life is a series of ANDS and I am willing to be flexible in exploring more than 1 CAREER as part of my journey. Thank you Venetia for sharing your why and how on this platform. A real testament to your quiet fierceness!
    Love Ya’ Girlfriend!
    (…AND is UA still hiring seasoned staff? ☺!)

  8. Kim Giles Reply

    What an inspiring interview! I too am looking at my next career. Currently, I have been in my career for over 25 years. Hearing Venetia’s story confirms for me that the options for my next chapter career wise are endless! Thank you and maybe will be on a flight together one day!

  9. RTG Reply

    I enjoyed this interview…was sad that it ended so soon! Great interview, very well spoken and for me knowing the person makes it that much more inspiring! The person is what makes it’s so much more wonderful. To do what she has done and is doing, yet still grounded and humble not just speaks to her upbringing but also the example I wish to follow and instill into my children. YOU ROCK!!!

    PS – thank you Andy Levine for this podcast

  10. Jan Spivey Gilchrist Reply

    Venetia hails from a powerful, educated , hardworking and energetic family! I’m not at all surprised at this story. I have known them for many years, although the years have merely kissed her, Congratulations, “little lady,” who looks the same.
    Hugs, Jan Spivey Gilchrist

  11. C. Harris Reply

    Ventia’s journey is inspiring and motivating! Her story is perfect for students searching for career guidance and those already in the work force that change is good. Great interview!

  12. Sheila Jumper Reply

    Venetia’s story is so inspiring especially for those looking for a second career!!!! Sheila

  13. R.J. Reply

    Venetia! I heard from Christina (Good) you had become a Flight Attendant – but I just found this story today and was able to learn more! This is R.J., I was one of your technicians for many years and ultimately became a Pharmacist myself. I’m not sure if you stumble upon this page ever, but if you do I wanted to let you know how grateful I was for all the opportunities you gave me as an employee and how terrific, and with deep respect and veneration I regarded you. I I have had some difficulties in my own life and transitioned out of Pharmacy as well- my career was more a flash in the pan of 3 years or so but , c’est la vie. I would love to pick your brain for any advice you might have for my second act. God bless you and your family! Thanks for keeping the skies friendly and professional! and I’m sure peppered with the occasional Teena Marie and Prince songs 🙂

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