The Man Who Sends College Students To Prison: Jim Farrin’s Second Act

In this episode, we meet an incredible man named Jim Farrin. After a highly successful career as a globe-trotting, corporate executive, Jim helped start an organization called The Petey Greene Program.

In a nutshell, the program brings volunteer students from top colleges like Harvard, Brown, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia into prisons to serve as tutors. They help prisoners get a high school diploma/GED. The program was piloted at Princeton University and has spread to 29 different colleges and universities across the Northeast.

Jim is 82 years old today. Last year, he was one of five individuals awarded the prestigious Purpose Prize by the American Association of Retired Persons. But he is hardly retired. By his own admission he is working harder than he ever has before. And he has never been happier.


Click here to learn more about the amazing work of The Petey Greene Program.

One thought on “The Man Who Sends College Students To Prison: Jim Farrin’s Second Act

  1. Elizabeth Dodson Reply

    Jim, I heard your story again yesterday at Exeter’s Class of ‘54 ‘s Reunion I attended with Paul (Dodson) and was no less inspired than I was when you shared it informally with him on our trip with Princeton Alumni to Cuba. My question is: how does the Petey Greene Program get started in states where it does not yet exist, specifically Maine?

    Liz Dodson

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