Leap of Faith: Greg & Pam Ayers Quit Their Jobs To Answer God’s Call

Greg and Pam Ayers were living the good life in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were living the American Dream…senior management positions with  significant salaries, a nice home and two young children.

But the loss of a close friend caused Greg to question his own life and ask “Am I really making a difference in the world?” And the couple decided it was time for a change.

Both Greg and Pam quit their jobs, relocated to Tucson, Arizona and started a new organization called GAP Ministries. Over the past 24 years, they have built an amazing non-profit that is focused on foster care, reuniting families and breaking the cycles of poverty and abuse. With a staff of 120 people and an annual budget of $10 million, the group is having a significant impact in Southern Arizona. On more than one occasion, they have “emptied” their own retirement savings to keep the organization moving forward.

Click here to learn more about the inspiring work of GAP Ministries.

One thought on “Leap of Faith: Greg & Pam Ayers Quit Their Jobs To Answer God’s Call

  1. donna Burlingame robinson Reply

    Hi Pam and Greg,

    My husband and I relocated to Tucson last year.

    We are also believers and followers of Christ.

    I am in search of a community position where I can possibly serve a non profit using my experience and skills to help our community to grow and develop inside the love and integrity of Christ.
    This is my soul felt desire.

    Should God lead, I will follow. If you reach out to me I will be happy to send you some more information about me.

    Cheers and God’s hand lead your ministry

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