Humor Me: A Speech Pathologist Finds A New Voice

Susan Goldfein is 79 years old, in great shape and splits her time between Florida and Connecticut. For most of her professional career, she served as a speech pathologist in a range of different settings. She worked with elementary school students, provided home care for stroke patients and she taught at the university level.

Her last position was with the Alzheimers Association in New York City. But in 2008, the organization faced major funding challenges and had to reduce their staff. So at the age of 68, Susan was out of a job and completely lost in terms of what to do.

After some early struggles, she took an eight-week course in short story writing at a community center. And in the footsteps of Nora Ephron and Erma Bombeck, she found her voice as a successful humorist. She pens a blog called “Unfiltered Wit,” has written two books and her stories are syndicated in eight different newspapers across the country. You can check out her writing on her website.

Concerned about COVID-19, we sat down outside in two folding chairs in a Westport, Connecticut dog park – yes a dog park – for an interview. So enjoy the conversation and a few extra background noises too.

In a COVID-19 world, face-to-face interviews are more challenging. Andy Levine interviews Susan Goldfein in Westport, CT dog park.

4 thoughts on “Humor Me: A Speech Pathologist Finds A New Voice

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  3. Valerie Friedricks Reply

    Good girl! I applaud your clever wit, writing ability and “voice”.

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