Everybody Loves A Second Act … 24 Minutes With Actress Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton starred in two wildly successful television series: Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle.

But it was the not-so-successful series Carol’s Second Act that led Patricia (or Patty she likes to be called) to author a new book called “Your Second Act.” It shares her own story and her new work serving as an Ambassador for the non-profit organization World Vision. The book also details the “Second Act Stories” of 14 other, courageous individuals navigating major, life transitions. It’s an inspiring read for anyone exploring a new path.

Patricia Heaton and the cast of “Carol’s Second Act.”

We normally conduct all of our podcast interviews face-to-face. But with travel challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis and the opportunity  to interview a three-time Emmy award winner, we made an exception for the chance to speak with Patricia Heaton via telephone.

Her new book, “Your Second Act,” is on our “Best Books about Second Acts” list.

“Your Second Act” was released on July 21, 2020 by Simon & Schuster.

5 thoughts on “Everybody Loves A Second Act … 24 Minutes With Actress Patricia Heaton

  1. christine stadler Reply

    Hi Andy — really enjoyed the podcast with Patty Heaton. She gets a “you go, girl!” from me as we’re both from Cleveland. I still live here and enjoyed her brother Michael’s work as a writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I’m also a “second actor” — now on my 4th career pivot. Patty gets it and I very much underscore her notion of developing muscle fortitude in order to accomplish something new. And hats off to you on your series of stories about people in their second acts. By the way, I was introduced to you by Marc Miller, another interesting person in this space. He has developed a very innovative cohort of later-life career changers.
    — Christine Stadler

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  3. Nancy McManus Reply

    So good!
    I’ve always liked her as an actress; now I love her as a person! It was such a good interview.

  4. JoAnn Barham Reply

    Currently reading and LOVING this! Feels like she’s talking right to ME. My son met her in LA many years ago at OneLife LA and was so impressed with her. I have ALWAYS found Patricia Heaton to be inspiring and so REAL. What a great book! She’s a class act.

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