Changing His Tune: Dr. Arnie Rosen Is Now A Band Grandpa

Today’s episode takes place at the Lincoln Middle School in Rockford, Illinois. I spent the morning here with Arnie Rosen, a retired doctor, and 80+ seventh and eighth graders in the school’s band room.

Dr. Rosen loved his 27-year career as a gastroenterologist in this Midwestern community. But when he finally retired two years ago he had a plan for what he wanted to do. He wanted to become a “band grandpa.”

If you’ve never heard that term “band grandpa” before, don’t feel out of the loop. Dr. Rosen actually created it two years ago.


Special thanks to John Groh, President/CEO of the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, for suggesting this episode.

And here’s the full photo of Dr. Rosen with his beloved tuba (taken by fellow band grandpa Russ Stoneback).


3 thoughts on “Changing His Tune: Dr. Arnie Rosen Is Now A Band Grandpa

  1. Penny Hyland Reply

    Congratulations on a worthwhile retirement. Great job giving to the kids!

  2. Anita Reply

    Loved listening to this story!
    I felt like I was in the room with you and I could just see you smiling as you reminisced your tuba journey. What a great second act.(It seems like you’re sending oxygen to ALL the sore spots😉)

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