Ballerina To Barrister: Melody’s Surprising Second Act

Melody Lynch fell in love with the ballet. She started dancing at 3 and made it in the professional ranks by the age of 15. She continued ballet studies at Butler University and after graduation landed a position with the North Carolina Dance Theatre where she worked for several years.

But her passion was for performance rather than teaching. And realizing that a dancer’s career span is limited, she made the leap to law school. She has been a practicing attorney for the past 14 years at the Lowndes law firm in Orlando, Florida.

She keeps her hands in the arts serving as chair of her local philharmonic orchestra and via her 7-year-old daughter’s love of dance.

Melody and Brendan Lynch with their 7-year-old daughter Katherine. She hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and perform in “The Nutcracker” this year.

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  1. Melody Lynch Reply

    Thank you, Andy! I appreciate you sharing my Second Act story and I hope it will inspire others to take a leap towards that new opportunity.

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