At 63, He Joined The Peace Corps And Moved To Moldova

The majority of Peace Corps volunteers are idealistic, recent college graduates looking to make a difference in the world. But David Jarmul and his wife Champa are different. They joined the Peace Corps together in May 2016. Both were 63 years old.

David had been serving as the Associate Vice President of News and Communications for Duke University for 14 years. Champa was employed as a sonographer/ultrasound technician. For David, it was his second tour of service. Thirty-seven years earlier he had served as a Peace Corps teacher in Nepal.

He describes their experience working for two years in Moldova in a wonderful new book called “Not Exactly Retired. A Life Changing Journey On The Road and In The Peace Corps.”

David and Champa Jarmul celebrate the completion of the two years of Peace Corps service in Moldova.
David and Champa Jarmul celebrate their two years in Moldova by ringing the Peace Corps “completion of service bell.”

4 thoughts on “At 63, He Joined The Peace Corps And Moved To Moldova

  1. Carol Wrlls Reply

    Very inspiring. Just the encouragement that we need to listen to our own hearts and move in the direction of our dreams.

  2. Cabell Smith Reply

    A fascinating interview. Thanks for showing us an alternate path for retirement — one that expands our own lives and helps others as well.

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  4. Linda Piso Reply

    Thanks for this segment. I plan to return to the Peace Corps for my “act two”. I served in Zaire from 1984 to 1986-the toughest job you’ll ever love!

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