James and the Perfect Burger: Redemption With A Side of Fries

This “Second Act” Story takes us to Rockford, Illinois, a city of about 150,000 people in Northern Illinois. We’ll meet a successful entrepreneur and hometown hero named James Purifoy. He has built an incredible “burger joint” named “Fifteenth and Chris” that has the most creative and delicious hamburgers that you’ve ever tasted. Every day a line starts forming an hour before he opens his doors. People love James’ burgers.

But his story starts back in 1994 when James took a wrong turn and at the age of 19 was convicted of aggravated assault for shooting a rival gang member. And he spent the next ten years of his life in prison.

But he made the most of his time in prison gaining a degree in culinary arts. And when he returned to his hometown, the people of Rockford gave James a second chance.



10 thoughts on “James and the Perfect Burger: Redemption With A Side of Fries

  1. James Purifoy Reply

    Thank you Andy, you brought a large amount of professionalism and integrity to this podcast. I can’t say you cut any corners and you told the story of how it is, and how it came out of my mouth. Me and my family thanks you.

  2. Tasha Thomas Reply

    Such an amazing story, and I know it all to be true. I’ve known James for well over 25 years. James is the true meaning of ” You can do anything you put your mind to”. The Burger joint doesn’t just offer great food,but great vibes as well. Very friendly & family oriented place here. Great job Mr. James P.

  3. Kowanda Reply

    James, I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments! You are a positive example for our youth and adults. I wish you, your family, and business more success, growth, and prosperity.

  4. Nichole Grayned Reply

    So happy for the Purifoy’s. James keep leading the way!!!!

  5. Shonda Thompson Reply

    Such a amazing story of Redemption! I have had the honors of a few good Burgers. My favorites is the 205 Burger and the Boogie Burger that one is a Turkey Burger also Peanut Butter Shake .So you can also get a nice shake with your meal. ?

  6. Chris Reply

    I am grateful to hear this story being shared. I am a big fan of James, and his passion.

  7. Tammy James Reply

    So proud of this story of redemption, so often they go unnoticed. 15th & Chris lives up to its reputation for sure. Good service and fabulous burgers. I look forward to my next visit where I’ll explore the shakes I hear so much about. I tried the 911 burger and let me tell you it’s not for wimps..ha! Keep up the great work James Purifoy and crew.

  8. Stephanie Mathews Reply

    Fifteenth & Chris is service with professionalism and a smile! Always a great experience along with delicious food. The story behind the man speaks volumes. Love the story! The love runs deep!! Congratulations and much success Boogie aka James Purifoy!!

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