An Investment Banker Goes Back to School

Dayna English was a highly successful investment banker at Merrill Lynch. She spent most of her career in Latin America. She flew first class, stayed at the Four Seasons when she traveled and wore tailored Chanel suits. But when Dayna turned 50, she traded all that in become a public school teacher.

It’s been a tough, tough road. But every day for the last ten years she gets on her bike in Manhattan, rides to work seven miles and teach math at some of the most difficult schools in New York City.  


Special thanks to Sarah McKinney of for connecting me with Dayna English.

3 thoughts on “An Investment Banker Goes Back to School

  1. Sally Harrison Reply

    Thank you for this inspiring, unvarnished and candid Second Act story. By virtue of Andy’s powerful questions, ability to summarize and synthesize, this listener gained insights and a truer picture of the reality and rewards of choices made as well as how those choices might illuminate those of others facing career/life crossroads.

  2. Melany Williams Reply

    As a personal friend of Dayna’s for over 30 years, I sincerely say she never ceases to impress and amaze me with her energy, commitment and focus to do something positive for the kids in her classrooms. Her story is such an impressive one (I’ve known her since the Brazil days) and she has always been the kind of person who gives of herself to support or help others. She comes up with creative ways to interest kids to learn and study and understand the world around them and she just doesn’t give up – it’s in her DNA to keep trying to make a difference in someone’s life and help them to know that there is more to life than what is right in front of them at that moment. She’s a genuine inspiration to anyone who contemplates a second act and an ardent supporter of doing so.

  3. blackbiz Reply

    I will have old soon and have more than 10 years experience in financial markets (middle office in Europe). And have a master degree. Do you think it s possible to switch into PE since i already have experience in financial market ? Also, i wanted to get an MBA at a top business school if that help. Thanks for your response

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