Animal Rescue Is Dr. Peter Rork’s Second Act

Dr. Peter Rork was a highly-successful, orthopedic surgeon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But at the age of 59, he unexpectedly lost his wife Meg and grief took hold of him. He quit his work. He stopped eating. And he and his dog Doyle retreated to a remote vacation home in Montana for three months.

At the urging of a concerned friend, Peter refocused his life on animal rescue. He is the founder, president and chief pilot of “Dog Is My CoPilot,” a not-for-profit group that transports animals from overcrowded kill shelters to adoption centers where families are waiting to welcome a new pet. His story has been told on CBS Sunday Morning, NBC Nightly News and The Washington Post.

Dog Is My CoPilot has saved over 25,000 animals. Click here to support their the important work. .

3 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Is Dr. Peter Rork’s Second Act

    • Scott Merritt Reply

      So true, Mark. We always aim to bring you the most inspiring stories we can find, and this one is right at the top. Thanks for listening.

  1. Mark Reply

    Another great interview. I’m heading to Costa Rica for the animal efforts there. Best, Mark

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