Why Leah Gorham Scrubbed Out of Nursing to Drive a Truck

Leah Gorham spent 16 years working as a nurse, helping patients while she also helped an industry known for a shortage of talent. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced and spread, causing workloads and stress levels to skyrocket for first responders, Leah took it in stride.

Although healthcare workers were widely recognized for being profoundly affected by the pandemic, it wasn’t until she was attacked by a patient in what she calls the worst assault of her career (sadly, this is an ongoing issue in nursing) that she finally chose to scrub out and do something different. But instead of shifting to a career that would be easy, she moved to another industry that was profoundly affected by the pandemic: trucking.

Today, Leah Gorham is a long-haul trucker, doing her part to alleviate challenges in the supply chain. But that’s not the reason she went into it. She and her boyfriend are partners, taking to the open road together, and living life on their terms. She’s never been happier.

A view from inside Leah’s cab

Leah and her big rig