Since launching Second Act Stories in March 2018, we’ve shared over 50 episodes of courageous individuals pursuing more rewarding lives in a second act. 

Now it’s your tun to select the stories which you’ve found the most inspiring and informative. The voting takes place between November 1-30, 2019. We’ll tally the votes and then announce the top vote getters before the end of the year. 

Below is the listing of the “top twelve” Second Act Stories based on the number of downloads. Please check off up to 3 stories that you’ve found to be especially inspiring. When you’re done, just hit the “VOTE” button below. We’ve not included author interviews or community profiles (Irving, TX and Pittsburgh, PA) in the voting.     

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James and the Perfect Burger: Redemption With A Side of Fries

Honey, I Just Bought A Liquor License: Sharon Starts A Wine Store

Fired at 64…An Entrepreneur at 66

Cathy & the Crankshafts: Social Worker Learns To Fix Cars For Working Poor

Telephone Repairman Follows A Life-Long Dream: Designing Women’s Shoes

Changing His Tune: Dr. Arnie Rosen Is Now A Band Grandpa

An Injury Ended His NFL Career: So He Became An Opera Singer

Can One Woman Fix Foster Care? Meet Judy Cockerton

Lizzie Leaves Tech And Starts “The Humble Retreat”

The Making Of A Modern Elder: Chip Conley Joins The Millennials At Airbnb

No Kid Sleeps On The Floor In Our Town: A Christmas Project Sparks A Second Act

Goodbye Accounting…Hello Acting: Meet Ancestry’s “Lederhosen Guy”